Anywhereisma journey as digital nomads


Käsitekesä art exhibition

Week 32: Finland to Bremen

Our bags

Packing list: Autumn in Europe

Birdhouse in Hämeenlinna

Our June 2014

Kallio Block Party

Week 31: Helsinki and Virrat


Week 30: Helsinki

Week 29: Helsinki


Helsinki highlights with HELtours

Ahvenisto open air swimming pool

Week 28: Luumäki, Hämeenlinna, Helsinki

555 nomadic days behind

Boat, lake, sunset, Kivijärvi.

Week 27: Kokemäki, Luumäki

Guanajuato, Mexico

Our accommodation in the Americas 2013-2014

Windmill and sheep

Week 26: Karkunkylä, Lavia, Kokemäki

Guanajuato colorful houses

Our time in the Americas 2013-2014

Fading bonfire

Week 25: Karkunkylä

Summer night in Finlans

Week 24: Kokemäki, Hämeenlinna

Camino de Santiago

Our May 2014

Bike, summer, Kokemäki, Finland

Week 23: From Madrid to Finland

Cruz de Ferro.

Week 22: From Camino de Santiago to Madrid

On The way, Camino de Santiago

Week 21: Camino de Santiago 2

Kennedy Space Center

Our April 2014

Camino de Santiago

Week 20: Camino de Santiago

The new bridge of Ronda, Spain.

Week 19: Benalmadena, Malaga, Camino de Santiago

Pool and palm trees, Costa del Sol

Week 18: From the cruise to Costa del Sol

Ship in the mist

Week 17: Transatlantic cruise, from St. Maarten to Azores

Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center

Week 16: Antigua, Florida, and a cruise

Volcano, San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Week 15: San Pedro and Antigua

Procession in Antigua, Guatemala

Week 14: Antigua and San Pedro

Valenciana, Guanajuato

Our March 2014


Week 13: Mexico City and Antigua

Guanajuato hills

Week 12: Guanajuato and Mexico City

Digital nomad cruise ship

Digital nomad destination: cruise ship

Guanajuato, Mexico

Week 11: Guanajuato

Some social media statistics

Guanajuato, Mexico

Week 10: Playa del Carmen and Guanajuato


Our expenses in Europe in 2013

House Playa del Carmen

Week 9: Playa del Carmen

Tulum ruins

Our February 2014


Week 8: Playa del Carmen

Tallinn apartment

Our accommodation in Europe in 2013

Playa del Carmen

Week 7: Playa del Carmen

Antti working by the bayou

There is no free wifi

Eiffel tower, Paris

Our time in Europe in 2013