Week 13: Mexico City and Antigua

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for March 27th - April 2nd, which is week 13, 2014. We spent one day in Mexico City, Mexico and then headed to a new country, Guatemala, where the beautiful colonial city of Antigua was our first stop.

Most memorable moment: An evening with old friends of ours in Cáfe No Se next door, listening to an enchanting jazz singer, staying up too late.

Surprise of the week: Our landlord told us that they have puppies, who are going to be running free in our inner yard. These turned out to be four big german shepherds. They are nice and friendly, and make us feel safer.

Workwise: Vacation time! Really, we have hardly opened our laptops during the week.

What did we learn: Antigua is surrounded by volcanoes. One of them, called Fuego (Fire), is constantly active. We can watch the small eruptions from a rooftop terrace, sipping our drinks and hoping that today is not the day of the next big one.

Food love: Our next door restaurant Toko Baru here in Antigua. Falafels, tandoor chicken, shawarma etc. with amazing garlic sauce and pineapple salsa.

Random thought: Apparently people are supposed to wake up at six in the morning in Antigua. We have a church next to us (there are churches everywhere in Antigua). The bells ring the usual six times first, then just keep on clanging for what feels like forever.

Tip of the week:If you plan to come to Antigua during the holy week (Easter), book your accomodation well in advance and expect to pay double the normal price.

Café Tacuba
A detail from the interior decorations of a restaurant (Cáfe de Tacuba) in México City. The mole here was really good.

Antigua, Guatemala
One of those inner yards is where our little house is.

Café Sky, Antigua
Mountains and greenery all around us. This place is so cool!

Antigua, Guatemala
The city of Antigua is a sight itself. We like to just walk around marveling the beautiful surroundings.

Antigua, Guatemala
One of the volcanoes on the background. This is a dormant one I think.

And that's it for our week. How was yours?


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