Week 14: Antigua and San Pedro

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for April 3rd-9th, which is week 14, 2014. We've been in Antigua and San Pedro la Laguna in Guatemala.

We shared a house with Nomadic Danes in Antigua for a few days. On Sunday we took a 4-hour bus ride to San Pedro at Lake Atitlan, where we met once more with old friends of ours before they continued their round-the-world trip to Costa Rica. We are going to stay here until Saturday before heading back to Antigua. 

Most memorable moment: Bumping into a big procession in Antigua again. The devout atmosphere on the street, amplified by the orchestra's slow, dramatic music really made an impression on me. And this has been just a warm-up for the upcoming holy week.

Surprise of the week: Our neighborhood in San Pedro is something I didn't expect, with mazes of narrow alleys. This is actually the first "traveler ghetto" we've been to this year.

Workwise: We've decided to take a new direction with our consulting service, focusing our attention towards Finnish small businesses and their websites. In a way we've taken a full circle and are back where we were one year ago. Only this time with way better understanding of online business and much more concrete offering.

What did we learn: We took some Spanish lessons again, as our place in Antigua was right next to a Spanish school. We're still not able to have deep philosophical discussions, but we know already enough for basic daily usage.

Food love: One good thing about traveler hotspots is that there often is a wide variety of international food served at the restaurants and cafes. It's nice to get some kung po chicken for a change after overdosing on guacamole for so long.

Random thought: Does somebody actually enjoy working with a laptop in a hammock? Isn't that a bit uncomfortable?

Tip of the week: In many restaurants in touristic areas a tip is already added to the bill. So before making calculations, make sure it's not already included. Here in Guatemala it's usually marked as "servicio" and is 10%.

Antigua, Guatemala
The streets of Antigua are covered with cobblestone.

Antigua, Guatemala
This procession was for the children.

San Pedro la Laguna at Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala
The way back home.

San Pedro la Laguna at Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala
When we first arrived the narrow alleys were spooky, now after a few days they're just cute.

San Pedro la Laguna
A view from our balcony. We finally got clear weather on the fourth day.

San Pedro la Laguna at Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala
We've got two house cats, who love to sneak into rooms and walk on my keyboard.

San Pedro la Laguna
The easy atmosphere here is a bit contagious. We've got volcanoes here too. I guess I could go hiking there. I don't know, I'll think about it tomorrow. Mañana.

And that's it for our week. How was yours?


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