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About Us

Hi there, and welcome to our blog!

We are Antti and Mirje, 30+ geekish couple from the cold north, Finland. We wanted to take control of our own lifes and became entrepreneurs. By combining this with our restless feet and passion for experiencing the world we turned into digital nomads. This blog is about our journey.

As digital nomads we are living our dream, a location independent lifestyle. We travel around the world, changing places every few weeks. Sometimes more often, sometimes we stay a bit longer. We work while we travel, carrying what we need with us. We have set up our own company so we can — and have to — decide for ourselves what our work is. In practice, everything we do for living happens more or less on, around or through the internet. We are on the way to find out how we can best combine our professional interests with a life of travel.

We have been on the road since the beginning of 2013. We have switched our rental flat to a home on the road, and our cubicles to an office that travels with us wherever we go. We carry our belongings in our 45-liter backpacks. Or to be truthful, we do have some things stored at our parents’ places.

But why do we want to do live like this? Because experiencing new places brings us inspiration. It helps us not to get stuck in everyday life, to stay alive, awake and on the move. It brings us new ideas and thoughts, and makes us learn all the time. And we are addicted to learning.

Before starting our nomadic lifestyle, it was hard for us to imagine how it would really be like. Well, it turns out that in many ways we are still living a normal life. We just move our home more often than most people. We get up in the morning, we work, we eat, go for a walk, read a bit and go to bed quite early. We know that might sound like a pair of 70-year old retirees. The main difference being we spend hours each day in front of our laptops, working away.

There are many small things reminding us how good our life is every day. That we can wake up in the morning without an alarm, that we are excited to open our laptops and work, that we have time for long discussions, that we can take a break in the middle of the day to visit a local museum. 

Big part of what makes this lifestyle so suitable for us is that we get to run our own company. Being an entrepreneur is something we have both been drawn to. We want to decide what we are working on and when. Currently we have chosen to work with web programming (that’s Antti), internet marketing, website optimization and user experience. We do both client work and our own projects.

Since, like said, we are addicted to learning, part of our days goes to exploring blogs, books, podcasts, MOOCs, etc. for new ideas and insights. Social media also takes its share of time. And for special human connections, we do try to find real-life situations to utilize our facilitation skills once in a while.

That’s our life. Welcome aboard!

Maybe you want to start by catching up on our 2013 adventures?

Mirje is a general enthusiastist who appreciates slow mornings and good conversations. She loves to plan upcoming travels and do her research, but she’s also always ready to change plans in the moment a good adventure is spotten.

As a kid her dream career was to become an explorer. While she ended up graduating from Helsinki University of Technology and working with development, project management and HR, she lives up to that dream by filling her life with travel. In addition to leisure trips, Mirje has spent a year studying in Minnesota, USA and another one working in Puerto Rico.

Mirje also blogs in Finnish at Kotona kaikkialla.


Antti is interested in learning and figuring out stuff in general (and helping others do the same). He has done freelance web software development for living for the last seven years, and has a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Antti’s favorite travel highlights so far are Annapurna base camp trek in Nepal and a trip on a cargo ship from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. His long term travel dreams are sliding with penguins in the Antarctic and having a base camp on the orbit around the Earth.

Antti also blogs about Mind Mapping at and Web & Data in Finnish at

Antti Halla