Week 15: San Pedro and Antigua

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for April 10th-16th, which is week 15, 2014. We've been in San Pedro la Laguna and Antigua in Guatemala.

We spent a few more days in San Pedro at Lake Atitlan, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere there. On Saturday we hopped on a bus back to Antigua. We stayed at a cleanest ever hostel called Yellow House, that provided us with delicious breakfasts and a cozy rooftop terrace / living room / office.

This was our last week in Guatemala, and in the whole Central America. Tomorrow we'll already be in Florida, where we have a cruise to catch on Sunday.

Most memorable moment: Watching the red moon during the total lunar eclipse at our rooftop terrace. Maybe even more memorable was the hostel's janitor's reaction when I told him about it with my broken Spanish. He came up to the roof too and got so excited that called home about it.

Surprise of the week: We are going to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida this Friday. I just realized that they have rescheduled the launch of the privately built SpaceX rocket that for that same day. Cool!

Workwise: Doing the financial statement and tax reports for the last year and preparing for the upcoming offline weeks were the main themes.

What did we learn: The many Easter processions we've seen in Antigua have already been very impressive, but apparently the biggest ones are going to be on the night before the Good Friday. Well, our flight is on Thursday morning, so maybe next time.

Food love: This week we have been exceptionally lucky with our food choices: steaks, curries, crepes, quesadillas, breakfast burritos, foccaccias and Guatemalan coffee. Everything excellent.

Random thought: We both had a hair cut today. Mine was almost half the price (3€) to Mirje's (5€) even though mine took at least twice the time. I know it's not just here. What is this pricing difference based on? Not on the cost of the work or the value of the service anyway.

Tip of the week: The small street corner stores in Antigua don't often seem to have fixed prices. You might end up paying double the normal price, if you are not careful.

San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan
A view from San Marcos at Lake Atitlan. The surrounding volcanoes just continue to impress me.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Some hairy dude on a boat ride, wondering whether the smoke on the mountains is a bush fire or volcanic activity.

San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlan
At the rooftop terrace in Buddha bar, next to our hotel in San Pedro. Time for sunset mojitos!

San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala
The foccacias at the Idea Connection Cáfe in San Pedro were so good. We had quite a few of them for breakfast during our stay.

Antigua, Guatemala
Working at our rooftop terrace / living room / office. Seems like I'm struggling with finalizing the mind mapping book.

Antigua, Guatemala
One of the most famous views in the city. Through the smog and clouds you can see the volcano Agua in the background.

Antigua, Guatemala
The processions have been daily sights in Antigua this week. And we are going to just miss the biggest one on Thursday night.

Antigua, Guatemala
Our street in Antigua. This is definitely a city I'd like to come back someday. If only there were not so many other places to go to as well.

And that's it for our week. How was yours?


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