Week 12: Guanajuato and Mexico City

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for March 20st-26th, which is week 12, 2014. We said goodbye to Guanajuato and hello to Mexico City.

Most memorable moment: Looking at dead people in a vitrine. We visited the Mummy Museum of Guanajuato which displays over 100 naturally mummified bodies found from the local cemetery. Slightly disturbing.

Surprise of the week: Our neighborhood of Condesa in Mexico City feels like being back in Europe! Lots of cafes and restaurants, good times hanging out in the evening. Even after all my travels I still have a lot of funny preconceptions and prejudices about places I haven't yet been to. The good side of that is that I get to be positively surprised about new places all the time.

Workwise: Not the most productive week I've had. I had to take few days off work and off the computer because of an eye infection. After getting better I got back to revising my book on mindmapping. Somehow the thought of publishing it has started to feel a bit scary, and I need to really push myself to get forward. Mirje has been writing, editing photos and learning more CSS.

What did we learn: There are really nice long distance buses here, with electricity and wifi. I can work quite well there, but Mirje doesn't share my enthusiasm because she gets motion sick if she tries to use laptop in a bus. So it seems a transcontinental busride while working at the same time isn't going to be on our list any time soon.

Food love: We've been lately eating lots of toranjas, red grapefruits, for breakfast. I think they're even better when mixed with plain yoghurt.

Random thought: I almost changed the 'what did we learn' above to 'learnings'. After all, its sounds logical to me, as they are things we have learned. I googled the word and apparently it's a stupid word that some people get really angry about. Strange world.

Tip of the week:The map you get from the tourist info in Guanajuato is not something you should depend your life upon. "Let's walk to the mummy museum, it's only a few blocks away" turned out to be a half an hour walk uphill.

Mines, Valenciana, Guanajuato
We walked up to Valenciana one day. The tour to the local mine wasn't very spectacular, but fun anyway. At least we got to wear these colorful helmets.

Valenciana, Guanajuato
There was a nice church on top of the hill in Valenciana. If you could turn the view 90 degrees left you could see it too.

Valenciana, Guanajuato
Gotta write your name somewhere.

Valenciana Guanajuato
I wonder if the color of the building on the left is a coincidence.

Hills can make cities look prettier. You can climb up for a nice view, and you can also see all the buildings on the hillside if you go down to the valley. Pretty doesn't always mean practical though.

Guanajuato cemetery
There was a nice cemetery on the way to the mummy museum. Somehow walking between the graves and looking at the tombstones in the scorching heat made me think of the end scene in the movie The good, the bad and the ugly.

Mexico DF
Hi there! You can find me and my friends in the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

And that's it for our week. How was yours?


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