Week 11: Guanajuato

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for March 13th-19th, which is week 11, 2014. We spent it in the lovely city of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Most memorable moment: Our luck in meeting cool people has continued. This week we met with Ryan and Ang from Jets Like Taxis. As digital nomads it often feels that we are living in a different world than most of the people we meet, so meeting other nomads is a refreshing change.

Surprise of the week: The tunnels under Guanajuato! Taking buses and taxis across the town revealed us what seemed like a whole other city underground. The tunnels were originally built as a drainage system to prevent the town from flooding during the rainy season, but are now converted to roads. This makes it faster to cross the town in a car, and leaves the streets of downtown mostly to pedestrians.

Workwise: I was trying to finalise the bookkeeping and financial statement for the past year, almost there! I've also been going through tons of our photos, editing them. You're going to see some very soon in this blog. Antti's been mostly working with web analytics. This time analyzing an online store and some of our social media statistics.

What did we learn:  The air is very very dry up here. We've already gone through half a bottle of moisturiser.

Food love: There are plenty of local bakeries, where we can buy fresh, delicious pastries for next to nothing. Good for our happiness, bad for our health.

Random thought: Learning to get around in the town by local buses makes us feel like home.

Tip for others: We took a street food tour hosted by Tim, a world traveler currently living here in Guanajuato. We spent 3 hours walking around the city, listening to Tim's stories, learning much, and most of all, trying out many delicious eats. Recommended!

Basilica de Guanajuato
Even the basilicas are bright and colorful in Guanajuato!

Guanajuato souvenirs
I would so buy these as souvenirs for myself, if I only had room for them. And a home to use them in.

Guanajuato food
Here are few of the things from the food tour: selection of tamales, home-made ice-cream, nonpareils, sopes (bit like small pizzas), and fruit juices.

This small shop had such nice art work. But we are cheap and homeless, so we only bought a few postcards.

El Pipila Guanajuato
The view of the city is just breathtaking from the San Miguel hill (also known as El Pipila, due to the huge statue of him up there). You don't need to walk up if you're lazy, there's a funicular for that!

El Pipila Guanajuato
This is the statue El Pipila, one of the heroes of Mexican Independence. The first battle against the Spanish troops in the war took place in Guanajuato in 1810 and El Pipila played a major role in the battle.

And that's it for our week. How was yours?


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