Week 8: Playa del Carmen

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for February 20th-26th, which is week 8, 2014. We are in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and also visited Tulum.

Most memorable moment: Finally taking a day off! We day tripped to Tulum with Celia and Jonas (Nomadic Danes) to swim in a cenote, visit the beach and marvel the Mayan ruins of Tulum.

Surprise of the week: The internet repair guy actually showed up on Thursday. We have internet! And it works most of the time!

What did we learn: From some people who have been here several times we learnt that Playa del Carmen has been a tiny beach village ten years ago. It's growing in an insane speed, new buildings, hotels and restaurants popping up everywhere.

Food love: We met cool fellow nomads Kit and Nick from Seek New Travel, had (too much) amazing pizza and oh-so-tasty frozen lychee yogurt with berries. And rolled back home.

Tip for others: We tried watching Friends dubbed in Spanish in order to practice. Too difficult it turns out. But nature documentaries are just perfect for our level! The commentary is usually quite slow and there are regular breaks in it. They comment on what is shown in the picture and it's quite easy to figure out what is happening. Our current favorite is Life.

Playa del Carmen beachWe finally made it to the beach here at Playa del Carmen! It's so pretty, but super crowded. We heard it gets better when you venture further up, so someday we need to walk all the way up to the beach around the 80th street to check it out.

Tulum Playa ParaisoIn Tulum we asked the taxi driver to take us to a beautiful beach. And did he deliver! Playa Paraiso was breath taking, with such a white sand and turquoise sea.

Tulum ruinsThe Tulum ruins were a walking distance from the Playa Paraiso. It was a hot and sweaty walk, but isn't it worth it when you can catch views like this at the end?

Maya ruinsThe ruins themselves weren't that impressive, but the setting made up to it. I think the Mayans living here have been quite happy with their home...

That's it. How was your week?


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