Week 21: Camino de Santiago 2

Walking as usual. After a few days, walking become an automatic activity, something that we didn't much think about. Except when it was time to take a day off. Our feet raised an objection, they wanted to continue. The views have been beautiful, even though the skies have been grey and we've often had to walk in a light drizzle.

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for May 22nd-28th, which is week 21, 2014. We'll be posting daily updates about our walk on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

Surprise of the week: The weather has been quite cold here. We were expecting something like twenty degrees celcius, but it's been more like ten. We didn't even bring sleeping bags with us. Luckily most of the places have extra blankets...

Workwise: Scheduling Skype-meetings is a bit tricky here. Can we make it to our destination early enough? Is there going to be good enough wifi or 3G network? Bigger towns are typically fine with the connection, but we can't rely on it in the tiny villages up in the mountains.

What did I learn: We've met a lot of Germans here and I've learned to open my mouth in German. Or some sort of Tarzan-German. After our intensive Spanish courses I don't care that much about making mistakes in other languages either. Makes life easier.

Food love: Dark chocolate. I'm always carrying some when hiking. The darker the better.

Tip of the week: The guide books and apps for the Camino are not always very accurate or up to date. We have a sheet of paper we got from a tourist office and two mobile apps, that we can cross-check.

Random thought: It's hard to remember the names of all the villages we cross. It makes talking to people a bit awkward, since the first or second question typically is: where did you start today? Or where are you heading today? And I of course have no idea.

Most memorable moment: Standing on a hill, and seeing grey skies and rain everywhere around us in the distance - but a clear spot just above us. That spot even followed us through the whole day. Talk about luck with the weather.

Camino de Santiago
You can stay here overnight, at the ruins of an old monastery.

Camino de Santiago
It took a looong time to walk to the other side of this picture.

Camino de Santiago
We've taken photos every day here. Dreaming of a new camera.

Camino de Santiago

Camino de SantiagoWalkin along a canal.

Camino de Santiago
You can do the camino by horse too.

Camino de Santiago
Today's special color was yellow.

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago
Time to put on the rain jacket.

Camino de Santiago
Mountaineous for a change.

Camino de Santiago
The wind brought a light drizzle and a rainbow, even though there were no clouds above us.

And that's it for our week. How was yours?


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