Week 27: Kokemäki, Luumäki

On Saturday we said farewell to our pet sittees in Kokemäki. On the way we stopped to check out two nature trails before arriving at our next week's home, a cabin at Luumäki in Eastern Finland.

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for July 3rd - 9th, which is week 27, 2014.

Dog in the window

What I've learned: There are over 30 000 large (over 20ha) mires in Finland, and they cover one fourth of the land area. We gave one of those a visit in Torronsuo national park near Forssa.

Torronsuo national park, duckboards

Tip of the week:
In addition to national parks, there are all sorts of nature trails all around. If you are driving across the country, take a break of an hour or two and try out one of those. We said hi to Niemisjärvi at Evo hiking area on Sunday.


Food love:
We stopped by a burger place Bus Burger near Lahti, since we'd heard recommendations for it. It was well worth a small detour.


Surprise of the week:
We arrived at the cottage without knowing who else is there, expecting to share it with a bunch of relatives. Turns out it was all for us two, for the whole sunny week.

Well, bike, cabin.

Workwise: We've been doing our half-year-planning in the afternoons. The pier was a nice place for a meeting. There's just something in having a long discussion with your toes in the water.

Kivijärvi #luumäki #suomi #finland

Memorable moment:
Sitting at the porch, watching the sunset go on for hours.

Boat, sunset, Kivijärvi

Random thought
: How many pictures of a sunset am I allowed to use in one post? The cottage is like designed for watching sunsets. The skies have been clear every evening, meaning hours and hours of eye candy.

Pier, sunset, Kivijärvi

And that's it for our week. How was yours?

This week's photos can also be found in our photo albums in Flickr.

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