Our July 2014

Amazing July! Really, I can't remember having a better summer weather in Finland. Weeks after weeks of sunshine and warmth. And so many things happening! From music festivals to sea side picnics, from food trucks to just hanging out with friends. Add some quiet cottage time by a lake and few walks in nature parks, and you've got a great month. 


Countries visited: 1  (total 23 countries*) 

Cities/towns visited: 5 (total 89 cities/towns)
Kokemäki, Hämeenlinna, Luumäki, Joensuu and Helsinki (+Vantaa).

Beds slept in: 5 (total 100 beds)
5 beds in Finland visiting friends and relatives.

Average daily spend on accommodation: Finland 0€ (19€**)
In Finland we have been visiting friends and family, so there has been no accommodation costs (yey!). Thank you all!

Average daily spend on food: Finland 35€ (30,5€)
Finland is expensive! We have been mainly cooking our own food, but still manage to spend 35€ per day for food. One thing contributing is the price of alcohol, when a 0,5l beer in a bar costs around 7€ the coins pile up fast.

* All totals Anno Digital Nomad = after January 4th, 2013.
** Average spent ADN

In the blog

On week 27 we did a roadtrip from Kokemäki to Luumäki, visiting some nature parks on the way. Rest of the week we enjoyed the cottage life (sauna, blueberries, bbq's) and the amazing sunsets, which continued to week 28. When it was time to head back to civilization, Mirje took a detour through the Ilosaarirock festival and Antti visited Hämeenlinna.  We met again in Helsinki, where we fell in love with the city (in summer) again.

Week 29 saw us not only working but visiting a music festival and meeting up with friends. I also took part in an excellent bike tour around Helsinki, and was inspired to write a post about my highlights of HelsinkiWeek 30 brought in more great time with friends, long summer days with picnics, and exploring the newly developed food truck scene of Helsinki.

In July we hit 555 days on the road and Antti took time to reflect on our 555 nomadic days behind. If you haven't read it yet, you should. It's an excellent post.

I also finally did the recap of Our accommodation in the Americas. Where did we stay during the 4,5 months in USA, Mexico and Guatemala, how much did it cost and which places were our favorites.

In pictures

Kokemäki, Finland

Hanging bridge

Belma the dog

Antti dog sitting

Roadtrip, Finland

Marsh path

Tree on marsh

summer lake

nature walk


Luumäki (cottage!), Finland



lake view


sunset and birds


Helsinki, Finland

Alppipuisto rocking

bikes and sups

central Helsinki

sunset swimmers


That was our July. Summer perfection.

Antti and Mirje

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