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Pacific Coast Highway

Our January and February 2015

Olympos beach, Turkey

Our November and December 2014

Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, California

Weeks 2-3 2015: Finland and California

Helsinki center

Week 1-2015: Helsinki

Our 2014 in Instagram

Our 2014 in Instagram

Froze river

Week 51-52: Prague and Finland

View over Prague rooftops

Week 50: Kemer and Prague

Crazy waves

Week 49: Kemer

Cat under table

Week 48: Kemer, Kas and Kastellorizo

Skopje, Macedonia

Our October 2014

View over a cliff

Week 47: Kemer

Istanbul, Turkey

Week 46: Istanbul and Kemer

Antalya, Turkey

Week 45: Kemer

Bohinj, Slovenia

Our September 2014

Monastiraki, Athens, Greece

Week 44: Athens and Kemer

Parthenon pillars

Week 43: Athens

Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Week 42: Skopje, Thessaloniki and Athens


Week 41: Skopje

Warrior at night

Week 40: Skopje

Train time

Our August 2014

Belgrade, Serbia

Week 39: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Skopje

Belgrade, Serbia

Week 38: Belgrade

Belgrade rooftops

Week 37: Zagreb, Plitvice and Belgrade

Path forward

Our plans for the rest of 2014

Captivating Bohinj

Week 36: Ljubljana, Bohinj, Bled and Zagreb

Cottage sunset

Our July 2014

Our backyard in Ljubljana

Week 35: Statenberg and Ljubljana

Statenberg Manor

Week 34: Munich and Statenberg

Bremen, Germany

Week 33: Bremen and Munich

Käsitekesä art exhibition

Week 32: Finland to Bremen

Our bags

Packing list: Autumn in Europe

Birdhouse in Hämeenlinna

Our June 2014

Kallio Block Party

Week 31: Helsinki and Virrat


Week 30: Helsinki

Week 29: Helsinki


Helsinki highlights with HELtours

Ahvenisto open air swimming pool

Week 28: Luumäki, Hämeenlinna, Helsinki

Boat, lake, sunset, Kivijärvi.

Week 27: Kokemäki, Luumäki

Windmill and sheep

Week 26: Karkunkylä, Lavia, Kokemäki

Fading bonfire

Week 25: Karkunkylä

Summer night in Finlans

Week 24: Kokemäki, Hämeenlinna

Camino de Santiago

Our May 2014