Week 47: Kemer

We are still at the Coworking Camp Turkey. Having fun and working hard! Plus getting lost, exploring ruins and getting worried about losing our inner Finns.

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for November 21st -27th, which is week 47, 2014

Memorable moment:
On Sunday morning, after having a cup of coffee and reading some blogs, I ventured out to the beach. I picked a sun lounger at the water edge and sat down with my book. The sounds of the sea on the background, breeze in my hair, sun on my skin and a good story to dive into. One of life's good moments.

Watching the sea

Tip of the week:
There are Greek / Roman ruins everywhere here in the Antalya coast! We've now visited two of them, Olympos and Phaselis, and there are plenty more to see. So no need to go to the crowded hot spots in Greece or Italy for getting in touch with the Ancient European history. You can do it while having a beach vacation here. Our newest destination Phaselis was great because there were hardly any restricted areas, so you could climb and crawl all over the ruins.

Climbing on Phaselis ruins

Random thought:
The weather here is getting colder. The German vacationers are still suntanning on the beach in their swim wear, but the locals have fetched their winter jackets. We are drifting towards the latter, does it mean we are losing our inner Finns?

View over a cliff

What I've learned:
Google your hiking routes beforehand, even if you have a guide book. The book might not be up to date, as we found out on our Saturday hike. The beginning went ok and we found the first stop, a beach, with some interpretation of the instructions. But from there on, the hiking path just wasn't there. There was a road and there was a cliff, but no promised path anywhere between them. We ended up crawling under a barbed wire fence (several times!), going on circles and backtracking often because a path had lead us to the edge of the cliff. The 1,5 hour hike took us more than 3 hours and we ended up walking mostly along the road. Not exactly what we had planned, but an adventure for sure.

To the beach

Surprise of the week:
On Monday evening we headed to Antalya for a piano concert, held as a part of the annual Antalya Piyano Festival. Piano music is not something I normally listen to, or go to a concert for, but it was really good! Especially the second part where they played some four handed pieces. And it was fun watching the two musicians work together, reaching over each others hands and jamming with emotion.

Phaselis theater

Food love:
Pomegranates! It must be the season here, because they are everywhere. Messy and time-consuming to eat, but I'm hooked. They taste so good!


I've been happy planning and running different workshops and activities, and taking visual notes on our daily presentations / challenges, trying out some new things and tuning my skill. This week I organised a Pro Action Café about project ideas, where we had great discussions and the project owners seemed very happy with the results. We had several new people coming during the weekend, so for Monday I came up with a new introduction game.

Yesterday I organised a discussion (outside on the rooftop, in the sun!) on best destinations on digital nomads. Want to know what those are? We didn't really have an answer for that, but I can tell you that the ones people were most interested in were Bali, Tenerife, Sofia, Honolulu, Penang, Brighton, Belize and Ecuador. And Chiang Mai was most recommended, partly because so many had been there.

coworking camp in sand

And that's it for our week. How was yours?

This week's photos can also be found in our photo albums in Flickr.

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