Our November and December 2014

We spent most of our November-December at the same place, the Coworking Camp in Turkey, so here's a combined recap for the months. We also had a few days in Athens, travelled to Kas and Istanbul, stopped at Prague and headed home to Finland for Christmas.


Countries visited: 4 (total 29 countries*)
Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic and Finland

Cities/towns visited: 8 (total 103 cities/towns)
Athens, Kemer (Göynuk), Istanbul, Kas, Prague, Hämeenlinna, Kokemäki and Helsinki.

Beds slept in: 9 (total 119 beds)
Adordable Airbnb apartment in Athens (If you want to try Airbnb, you, and us, will get 22€ bonus by signing-up with our Airbnb-link).

In Kemer we stayed at the all-inclusive Majesty Mirage Park Resort. We were there for the Coworking Camp, but it could be an affordable getaway even without it, the off-season all-inclusive(!) rates starting around 45€ for two.

On our weekend trips we stayed in the Grand Sagcanlar Hotel in Istanbul (ok, nothing special, next to a metro station) and the Cinar Butik Hotel in Kas (now ok, probably good in high season).

On our way to Prague we spent a night at the Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen Airport at the ISG Airport Hotel (check it at booking.com), which was very comfortable and the breakfast was great (and we got upgraded to a suite!).

In Prague we stayed at the Desighotel Elephant (check it at booking.com), which was a great deal, with excellent breakfast and walking distance from center. There was a bit too much emphasis on "design" though, on cost of comfortability.

Back in Finland we stayed with family and friends.

(For the hotels we recommend, I added an affiliate link to Booking.com. If you book through it, we'll get a small reward - it doesn't affect the price you pay).

Average daily spend on accommodation: Greece 36.5€, Turkey 31€, Prague 51€, Finland 0€ (22€**)
In Turkey we did two weekend trips where the price of accommodation was higher than at the all-inclusive. The all-inclusive deal was 54€ per night, which after dividing it evenly between accommodation and food, was 27€ per night for accommodation. In Finland, our friends and relatives are luckily not charging us for visiting them.  

Average daily spend on food: Greece 44€, Turkey 33€, Prague 48€, Finland 7€ (30€)
In Greece we ate out several times during our last days, since there were so many things we still wanted to try. In Turkey, we only ate outside the all-inclusive few times, because having the buffet there was just so convenient. On the other hand, in Prague we spent a lot of time eating at different restaurants. So good! In Finland we spent very little, I think most of the costs were food drinks and food for the New Year's party.

* All totals Anno Digital Nomad (ADN) = after January 4th, 2013.
** Average spent ADN, for two people

In the blog

Week 44Eating (too much), working (too much) and sightseeing (not enough) in Athens. Then flying to Antalya, to spend our next weeks at the Coworking Camp Turkey!

Week 45: "Getting the work done in the winter sun" at the Coworking Camp Turkey. Definitely rings true, we've been very productive. Having sunshine, sea views from our office and good all-inclusive catering doesn't hurt either.

Week 46: We started the week with a 3-day vacation (no laptops!) in Istanbul, hitting the tourist trail and just enjoying the city with our coworker friends.  Istanbul was magnificent, but we were also happy to be back in the warm and sunny Kemer and the Coworking Camp Turkey.

Week 47: We were still at the Coworking Camp Turkey. Having fun and working hard! Plus getting lost, exploring ruins and getting worried about losing our inner Finns.

Week 48: We were still at the Coworking Camp Turkey having a great time. We also ventured out for an overnight trip to see some ruins, a sunken city, and to have a quick stop-over at Greece.

Week 49: This week at the Coworking Camp Turkey has been a bit grey and rainy, but very productive for work and good conversations. And some of the storms have been quite spectacular!

Week 50: Hiking to the Termessos ruins and saying goodbye to the amazing Coworking Camp Turkey. Then a long journey took us to the rainy city of Prague to explore the Christmas markets and the food scene.

Weeks 51-52: This is our double Christmas edition, taking you from Prague to the dark and snowy Finland. There was some good luck, getting together with family, enjoying Christmas treats and the white landscapes, plus catching up with dear friends.

Our October 2014: We lived amongst the unbelievable monuments of Skopje, hiked in the beautiful Matka Canyon, had a short vacation at the history-filled city of Thessaloniki, and explored Athens and its surroundings with fellow travel bloggers.

In pictures

Athens, Greece

Acropolis graffiti, Athens, Greece

Athens food, Greece

Kemer and surroundings, Turkey

fisherman, Olympos beach, Turkey

Olympos beach, Turkey

houses, Antalya, Turkey

boats on beach near Kemer, Turkey

bus to Antalya, Turkey

theatre, Phaselis, Turkey

dragon boat at Kemer harbor, Turkey

Flag, Kemer, Turkey

waves at Göynuk, Turkey

mountain, Termessos, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Basilica Cistern, Istanbul, Turkey

bird feeding, Istanbul, Turkey

shopping alley, Istanbul, Turkey

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Coast trip to Kas, Turkey

tombs, Myra, Turkey

Myra theater, Turkey

Man on rocks, Turkey

Kas, Turkey

Kas harbour, Turkey

kids, Kas, Turkey

Kastellorizo, Greece

cat, Kastellorizo, Greece

Kastellorizo houses, Greece

cats, Kastellorizo, Spain

turtle, Kastellorizo, Greece

Prague, Czech Republic

Charles bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague lights, Czech Republic


Christmas, Kokemäki, Finland

Hämeenlinna, Finland

snow, Kokemäki, Finland

Lantern, Kokemäki, Finland

And... that's how we spent November and December.

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