Our plans for the rest of 2014

We have plans! Travel plans for the rest of the year that is.

It's difficult to balance between having our options open and taking the best opportunities. When in a town for a few weeks we usually stay in Airbnb apartments. If I wait too long to book, all the ones fitting our criteria (and budget) are gone. This autumn we also have several events we want to attend, which set the frames for our plans. So now I gave up on spontaneity and did the bookings for next months. 

We will be in...

Belgrade, Serbia

September 17. - October 1.

Serbia is one of my favorite countries and it just had to be part of our time at the Balkans. Antti hasn't been there, so this is my change to show him why it's on the top of my list (people are so real, the nature so beautiful, and Belgrade so full of life). We'll also visit Novi Sad, the city I lived for a few months in 2007. In Belgrade we will attend WOSONOS (World Open Space on Open Space) on September 18-21, because we both are very fascinated about the open space technology.

Skopje, Macedonia

October 1.-18.

When thinking where to stop between Belgrad and Athens, we had many options. Somehow Skopje kept popping up in the blogs I read, with a very positive tone. And I do have good memories from my short visit about 10 years back. So Skopje it is! First we were going to stay for 2 weeks, but ended renting for a bit longer after finding out that the Skopje Jazz Fest is held on October 16.-19.

From Skopje, we have two days to get to Athens but don't know yet what we'll do. This is the spontaneous part...

Athens, Greece

October 19. - November 3.

I had such a good time at the TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) conference last year in Dublin that I'm going this year too! Now the place is Athens and the dates October 23.-25. We'll be around for couple of weeks though, so I'll have time for some pre- and post-conference activities and we can do some sightseeing together. Antti is opting out from the conference, as he's focusing on other things than travel blogging at the moment.  I'm sure he'll find a way to fill his days.

Kemer, Turkey

November 3. - December 15.

We do love our lifestyle, but sometimes we reminiscent the times when we had an office to go to every day and (more) colleagues to laugh, share frustrations and bounce ideas with. That's why we've started looking for coworking places in the places we visit. When we heard about the Coworking Camp in Turkey, we knew this is it. 6 weeks at the coast of Turkey, in a coworking office set in an all-inclusive 5-star hotel (for only 27€/night!), working along with entrepreneurs and digital nomads from around the world. When there was a possibility for me to cover my camp fee with volunteer work, I was sold. I'll get to host some workshops and organise things (my favorite pastime!).

There are still some places left if you're interested! (Packages available for 1-6 weeks, you can find more info at the Coworking Camp website.)


I already said it last year: this time we'll be spending Christmas with family. So after Turkey, we are heading to Finland, first to catch up with friends in Helsinki and then to meet our families in Hämeenlinna and Kokemäki. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for white christmas!

We'll stay in Finland for about mid-January, and after that we have no idea. Do you?


And those are our plans for now. Are we going to cross paths somewhere? Drop us a line and let's meet!

Antti and Mirje

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