Our September 2014

September took us through Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. All countries offered us incredible landscapes, friendly people, diet of too much meat and cities filled with life.  


Countries visited: 3 (total 26 countries*)
Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

Cities/towns visited: 5 (total 97 cities/towns)
Ljubljana, Bled/Bohinj in Slovenia, Zagreb in Croatia, Belgrade and Novi Sad in Serbia.

Beds slept in: 4 (total 110 beds)
Airbnb apartment in Ljubljana, Apartments and Rooms Stanko Stare in Srednja vas v Bohinju (loved it!), Airbnb apartment in Zagreb and Airbnb apartment in Belgrade. (If you want to try Airbnb, you, and us, will get 20€ bonus by signing-up with our Airbnb-link)

Average daily spend on accommodation: Slovenia 39€, Croatia 29.5€, Serbia 28.5€ (21€**)
Apart from a night in a lovely guesthouse near lake Bohinj we stayed in nice 1-bedroom Airbnb-apartments in central locations. The selection of available and affordable Airbnb-apartments in Ljubljana wasn't very good, so we decided to pay over our budget but only stay for a week. 

Average daily spend on food: Slovenia 35€, Croatia 23.5€, Serbia 22.5€ (30€)
The changes in food prices were very visible when going down the Balkans. Prices in Slovenia were in Central-European level, while Croatia was already a bit cheaper. In Croatia we mainly cooked our own food. In Serbia I only cooked twice during our two weeks there, rest of the time we ate out or had take-away. 22,5€ per day for two people, including drinks. That's what I'm talking about!

* All totals Anno Digital Nomad (ADN) = after January 4th, 2013.
** Average spent ADN

In the blog

Week 35:We started the week still at the Statenberg manor in the Slovenian countryside, had some adventures and created plans. Then we headed to a city that took us by surprise and had us musing about settling down. Ljubljana feels just right.

Week 36Food markets and friends in Ljubljana, roadtrip and nature walks at the breathtakingly beautiful lake Bohinj and Bled, settling in Zagreb for some work-filled days, and going crazy over fresh veggies.

Week 37: This week took us through the rainy, but still charming, Zagreb, the wonderful waterworld of the Plitvice Lakes, and down south to my fave Belgrade.

Week 38: Oh Belgrade, you have my heart. I can't really point out why, but I feel at home with you. Rainy streets, Wosonos-conference and park-time.

Week 39More of Belgrade. History, rakija, plenty of meat, blocked streets, and the miracle man Tesla. Plus a day trip to the pretty, welcoming Novi Sad and a looong bus trip to Skopje, where we settled down for the next couple of weeks. 

Our July 2014 recapped our month of incredible, definitely not-your-typical Finnish summer.

In Our plans for the rest of 2014 we laid out our route for the autumn: Belgrade, Skopje, Athens, Kemer and back to Finland for Christmas. - Later on we added a few days in Prague on our way to Finland.

In pictures

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Buchers bridge

Flea market day

Ljubljana city center

Ljubljana by night

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

house on mountaintop

Lake Bohinj dock

turquoise river

Bohinj lake rocks

Misty mountain from terrace of our guesthouse

Bled, Slovenia

Vintgar walkway

Rock towers in river

Bled castle

Bled castle on hill

Bled boats

Zagreb, Croatia

Center of Zagreb

lamp post

funky house

Plitvice lakes, Croatia

Mirje and Plitvice view

Plitvice boat

path to waterfall

Antti wading

Belgrade, Serbia

sinking boat

Belgrade center

Skadarlija colored houses

River boats

house and setting sun

Novi Sad, Serbia

central square

old houses

sunset street

Novi Sad street

And... that was our September. Country-hopping!

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