Off the Grid, Over the Ocean

We are going off-the-grid! Or at least semi-off. Or something. What I mean is that we are taking a 15-night Transatlantic cruise from Barcelona to New Orleans, starting today. Having been glued to our laptops and living online for the past year(s), this is a new challenge for us. While the cruise ship does (somewhat) have an internet connection, it is so freaking expensive that we can only use it for when really needed. And I'm afraid Facebook doesn't make the cut.

So what am I going to do with all the time in my hands? Well, I have spent this day downloading tons of podcasts, TED talks, articles and books. So my main goal is to learn new and study. Although some of the downloads might have been Dr. Who episodes. Does that count for learning new?

I'm also planning to use this non-interrupted time for getting a lot of writing and photo editing done, so you can look forward onto many more blog posts after we are back online. On top of these, I think I'm just going to concentrate on eating well and sleeping a lot. And would be great to get myself up to daily visits to the gym of the boat, especially after the crazy eating spree we have been on here in Barcelona.

Wish us luck! We'll be back with a report in a two weeks time. I'm hoping to name it "The tale of survival - internet addicts on the high seas".

Antti and Mirje

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