Our 2013 in travel

Welcome to the part two of our 2013 recap! In this post we concentrate on our travel experiences. There's a cool map of our destinations, a video compiling our best pictures from the year, and our most memorable moments listed. The first post of this 2013 recap series was a taster of the year in the form of a short story and Instagram photos.  The third post covers the digital nomad aspect, our learning about working on the road.

Places we visited

2013 marked the start of our nomadic lifes. We left our home country Finland on January 4th, and visited 16 other countries during the year: Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Germany, Estonia, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Bahamas, and USA. During this time we slept in 60 beds, or to say it another way, we had 60 homes!

Here's a map with all the places we visited. Just zoom in and hover over each marker to check out what we did!

Our year in pictures

The were so many pictures we wanted to share, that we ended up making a video of them. Click play, sit back and enjoy!

What do we remember best from the year?

Sight to take our breath away

Antti: The fascinating ruins of Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy
Mirje: The fairytale world of Sintra, Portugal

Experience of lifetime

A: Becoming a certified diver at Gili Trawangan, Indonesia
M: Camping over night at volcano island Anak Krakatau, Indonesia

Tourist trap, but for a good reason

A: The ancient ruins of Angkor in Siem Reap
M: The full moon party in Thailand

Pleasant surprise

A: People were nice and service good at Paris
M: Singapore was clean and organised, yes, but it didn't make me claustrophobic

Can't take my eyes off

A: Sunset over an ocean, seen in several places: Otres, Gili T, Atlantic, ...
M: A calm lake surrounded by autumn colored trees on Finnish countryside, the best view ever  

Animal encounter

A: Taking a cat to a vet on a scooter in Bogor, Indonesia
M: The adorable dogs we were taking care of at our house sit in New Orleans

People encounter

A: Meeting many retirees and hearing their stories at the dining table on our transatlantic cruise
M: Discussions and atmosphere at the Art of Hosting learning journey near Sänna, Estonia

Person to love

A: Our friend M, who showed us the daily life in Indonesia, adventured with us in KL and Cambodia, and taught us much about intercultural communication
M: Our friend A, who has hosted us several times, takes care of our mail, and still wants to travel with us. You're the best, dear!

Transporting in style

A: Crossing the Atlantic on a cruise boat
M: Trying out a Segway for the first time in Dublin, although "in style" is probably not the best description here...

Party till morning

A: Get together with good friends on a cottage in Finland
M: Even when I travel all over the world, the best parties are the rock festivals of Finnish summer 

Best breakfast

A: Freshly made breakfast with huge variety at the Old Coach House during our roadtrip to Wicklow mountains, Ireland.
M: Fresh fruits and home made yogurt at Papa Pippo at Otres Beach, Cambodia

Lunch to savor

A: Pho soup from a street stall in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
M: Buffet dinner on the Royal Caribbean transatlantic cruise, because I could fill my plate with appetizers and salads 

Dinner delight

A: Kung Po chicken from the hawkers of Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
M: Meats and cheeses with excellent wine selection at BA Wine Bar in Lisbon, Portugal

Home sweetest home

A: The lovely house next to a big park we were pet sitting at in a suburb of New Orleans, USA
M: Our big and beautiful Red Apple apartment in Tallinn, Estonia

Best hotel experience

A: Baiyoke Ciao on Nimmanheimin in Chiang Mai, Thailand
M: Our own lumbung with an outdoor shower at Mango Dive & Bungalow on Gili Trawangan


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