Taking Off

It has started! Friday morning we finally packed our bags and headed for the airport. For the last three weeks our days had been very busy with all our preparations that we wrote about the last time.   We gave a lot of stuff away, emptied our apartment and had a small farewell party (thanks for all who were there!).  Everything went quite well in the end. We didn't forget to pack too many things and only one forgotten item had to be delivered to the airport by taxi.

Most of our preparations had to do with things back home and we didn't have too much time to find out about our destinations or otherwise to plan ahead. We had plane tickets and accommodation reserved for Rome, Kuala Lumpur and Koh Samui but not much idea what else to do in these places. Luckily we had internet access on the plane (thumbs up for Norwegian for that one) so we could do some quick research on Rome, download the city map to our tablet and look up some directions, history facts and basic words in Italian.

The previous weeks have been quite exhausting for us. These few days in Rome now allow us to relax a bit and acclimatize us to the life on the road before moving on to Asia and starting to concentrate on work again. Wandering around the city, seeing some sights, eating pizzas and preparing our digital gear are our main activities for the moment. For the first time we are staying overnight at a place reserved through AirBnB and have been quite happy with the choice so far.

Now we will head out to enjoy the sunshine and explore more of the Eternal city. Some Antique Roman ruins, maybe?

Antti and Mirje

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