One-way Tickets Bought, 3 Months to Go

We finally booked our flight tickets to start our digital nomad life: on January 4th we will head to Rome. We are going to stay there for the weekend after which we will continue to Kuala Lumpur for a week. The route plan was quite much influenced by ticket prices: this is simply one of the cheapest ways there (~400€/pp). Besides, we've only been to Rome once for a very brief visit before and have been looking to get back there. KL on the other hand is a place Mirje has been wanting to visit for a long time already.

The following stop is going to be Koh Samui in Thailand. There we have a hotel apartment booked for two weeks. This was actually the first booking we made since we found this good deal already in the summer and just had to take it. After Koh Samui we have no definite plans but have been considering Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It seems like the place to be if you're a digital nomad and we think it could provide us a good start and plenty of peer support.

There are less than three months to go and the whole trip is starting to feel quite real already. The past nine months have just flown by. If we had some doubts about the whole thing before there definitely are none left. We are going. What is left to do is mostly practical arrangements at home, getting rid of much of our stuff and finding a storage for the rest. Besides that our time will be spent on business planning and on finding and meeting our potential future clients.

Almost there.

Antti and Mirje

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