Lunar Society

We have lately been talking our plans quite a lot to our friends. To give them a break for the most of the time we came up with Lunar Society (partly inspired by Lunar society of Birmingham), where the basic concept is to invite our friends over once a month every full moon to discuss about specific topic regarding our plans. In exchange for their time and ideas we cook them a nice dinner. So these meetings not only provide us with really valuable input but they also give us a good excuse to invite our friends for a get-together.

We have tried this out already twice and it seems to be working well. First time we got together on a Friday night in August with a few of our friends, plenty of food and wine. That time we discussed remote work. What are the challenges and opportunities it brings and how could we turn it to our advantage? We also talked about the how each of us feels about the online work in our current jobs and what seem to be the biggest needs for improvement. We got a lot of ideas and insight from the discussions that continued until midnight.

The second meeting was over a brunch on a Sunday in September. This time the topic was communications, and luckily some of our friends are professionals in the field.  One of the best advices was to try to think about all the possible questions people could ask us and come up with answers to those. By doing this we could answer more promptly and discussing these gives us an opportunity to understand how we both see things and to find a common ground.

Next meeting will be held on Monday next week. There we plan to continue from last time, and to create this list of different questions we might get asked and find answers for those. And all this while enjoying delicious food with some good wine, so sounds quite good, right?

Antti and Mirje

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