Six months gone, six more to go

We are now about half-way through from our decision to the day of our take-off. In last January we set the main goal: in January 2013 we are living somewhere abroad, earning our living through our own company, and able to switch town or country at will. We didn't yet know where we were going to and we didn't have a definitive business plan. We just knew we want to do it and will figure out how on the way there. Since our decision we've been working hard to get everything set before our big take-off, but there are still so many things to do and so many things to learn. Luckily there are still the six months left...

The choice of one year preparation time seems at the moment to have been quite good. Long enough to actually have the time to do all the things needed and short enough to get us started right away with them. While the decision to go has put a certain amount of pressure on us, setting up a clear common direction has in a way made our lives easier too. When we need to make choices, our plan gives us a direction and it's easier to make decisions. For example instead of going to the summer sales and filling our apartment with more stuff we are carrying things out. A common goal has also brought us closer together as we now have all the time something to do and to talk about with each other.

One of the harder parts has been communicating our plans to others around us. It seems to be difficult for some to accept that we, a recently wedded couple, are planning something like this instead of building a career at some big company, getting a mortgage for a home, and having babies. On the other hand many people have been very supportive and curious about our plans. Explaining our plans has gotten easier as the ideas have become clearer in our mind and as we have become more certain that this is the way to go for us.

We are now at the end of June 2012 and still grounded in our apartment in Helsinki, but the date is set for next January to take off.  During the next few months you can follow our thoughts and preparations. In 2013 it is time for us to turn our plans into reality. Are we able to pull it off? We'll find out soon enough.

Antti and Mirje

We are Mirje and Antti, a 30+ digital nomad couple, entrepreneurs with restless feet and passion for experiencing the world. more »