Anywhereism is back!

Anywhereism is back! And definitely better than ever!

As some of you might have noticed, our blog has been fairly (read: totally) dead for the past couple of months. Sorry for that! We were a bit lost with what we wanted to do with the blog. What we were doing didn't feel meaningful and didn't excite us. It felt like we were writing these trip reports once a month, trying to fit in as much as possible in each, which lead to not writing anything much interesting. Something our relatives would like to read, but only because they are our relatives.

Now we are up and running with a new plan for our blog. We will still write about the destinations we go to, but just to cover things we find interesting enough to share. We will not try to include everything in one post. If our relatives/friends want more details, they can always skype us (hint!).

We have divided our posts into 3 categories. "Travel" covers the posts about destinations; places to see & things to do, etc. Quite obvious. Then there are posts categorized as "Work", which concentrate on our lives as digital nomads and running our own company. What we have learnt, some useful tips for others, etc. Third category is "Think", which includes more personal thoughts about what we are experiencing and planning. This is the most challenging part, being open about our thoughts. Not something that comes naturally for us, but we feel that it would be very interesting and valuable to you, dear readers. And for us to read later on.

Our "About us" text is completely rewritten, and now we feel it better reflects who we are to help you to get to know us. And we added some pictures of us. Which is a bigger task than you would think, because it seems that we have hardly any photos together. Not even bad ones. That's why the pics on the page provide a historical outlook on us. You can entertain yourself by trying to guess how old some of the pics are.

You probably also noticed that the site looks different. We wanted it to be easier to read and explore. And nicer to look at. This we hopefully achieved. At least we are quite happy with the light and bright feel of the site. We did it all by ourselves, since we wanted to try out some new tools. It is still (always?) a job under construction, so look forward to more changes and tweaks whenever we run into new things we want to try out.

Any feedback is highly appreciated, so do let us know what you like about our new design/plan and what are you still missing!

Antti and Mirje

We are Mirje and Antti, a 30+ digital nomad couple, entrepreneurs with restless feet and passion for experiencing the world. more »