Our travel plans for this Autumn

We are now in the lovely Paris. Here the Autumn is only just peaking around the corner, unlike in Finland, where it was on full force. Definitely enjoying the sunshine and warmth! We still have a few days here to explore the city. Which is good, since our list still has some must-see items to cross out: Louvre, Canal Saint-Martin, the Eiffel tower, Marais. And then there's all the food and wine we haven't tried yet.

On Monday we are flying to Dublin to take part in the TBEX travel blogger conference. The conference itself lasts a couple of days, with a full-packed agenda and a promise of good parties and new friends. Different activities stretch over the whole week. We are not taking part in any of the longer organised blogger trips, but still have managed to jampack our schedules. Or at least I have. I'm going  on two full-day trips, another one involving riding (yes, horses!) on the mountains and the other Celtic history. And then we have a Segway tour, and a visit to a whiskey factory, and a 3-course meal with Irish dances and other performances. To start with! So, look forward to plenty of stories from Ireland.

We figured out we might need some rest and stability after Ireland, so we booked an AirBnB apartment from Lisbon for a month. The place is in the middle of the old part of the town, so should be pictoresque and lively. I've been wanting to visit Lisbon for a long time and I set it up as our Autumn destination already several months ago. No negotiations here! Luckily Antti didn't have any objections, so it was all smooth. I'm not sure what it is that is drawing me to Lisbon, but hopefully I'll figure it out there. I'll let you know.

From Lisbon we are planning a visit to Porto for a week. I don't know much about the city. Just that it is the home of port wine, that delicious sweet nectar fit for gods (if they are not drinking it, they should). Isn't that enough?

When we are done overindulging ourselves in port wine, it's time for a quick de-tour to Finland. We have a week to visit relatives and meet friends before heading out to a longer trip. And to change the content of our backpacks to better reflect the warmer climates we are heading to.

From Helsinki, we'll catch a flight to Barcelona with a dear friend of our. 6 days in one of my favorite European cities, and with such a good company. I'm fairly confident in promising that some long tapas & wine evenings will be taking place. (I seem to be talking a lot about wine in this post. Hmm...)

We will also need to be working a lot in Barcelona, to tie all the loose ends before the next step in our journey. We are taking a 15-day cruise across the Atlantic (yey!!!) and I'm quite sure the internet connection ain't gonna be excellent. Which just means we will have plenty of time for writing, coding and studying. And to linger at the buffet tables. No talk about wine this time, since it's not included in the cruise price.

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