3 Weeks for Digital Nomad Start

Last time we wrote an update, it was about '3 months to go'. Well, now it is 3 weeks to go… At the moment our calendars are fully booked with all preparations and things to finish here, and most importantly with meetings with friends. Due to this our blog here has been quite silent for now. But that should change soon enough.

Currently our apartment is a huge mess, with piles of stuff everywhere. We have been giving all visitors something, but it doesn’t seem to affect the piles. Well, next Thursday we are holding a “Take-away evening”, inviting our friends to visit and take with them all they want. Bigger things like sofas and the washing machine we have been selling in a local internet marketplace. Someone actually came and picked up our bed today, so for the last weeks we will be sleeping on the sofa bed... At least until someone buys that one, then it will be on the floor with a mattress. Makes it all seem so real already!

As we have been going through the things we have filled our apartment with we have been asking the questions: do we really need this or is this just something that is nice to have? Is this something so special that money can't buy or can we easily get a replacement if we someday settle down again? We try to keep the amount to the minimum, also in consideration for our parents, who will be storing our things.

The next thing for us is to finally decide what to take with us on the road. And we will see if we can figure out how to pack the most essential things so that we are able to easily travel with them. Backpacks or suitcases or what? We have been considering many different alternatives but without any conclusions yet. Maybe it would be time to make the choice...

Antti and Mirje

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