Biking in the Turku / Åland Archipelago

We are now spending the last 8 days of our vacation cycling around the Åland archipelago of Finland. We are taking a tent and hopping from a campsite to another by our bikes and by utilising the (mostly free!) ferries going from island to island. The cool thing is that it seems that most of the campsites have WiFi, so we can keep working and also give you updates on all the interesting things we face.

Main purposes for our trip:

1. Vacation. Doing something fun and especially something different to get out of the normal routines.

2. Mobile training: We are carrying our office with us. That is a laptop, mobile phone with internet access, and a camera.

3. Something physical. Biking every day for 2-6 hours is the main activity.

4. Getting to know the place. While the place is part of Finland it is also different from anything you find on the mainland.

Antti and Mirje

We are Mirje and Antti, a 30+ digital nomad couple, entrepreneurs with restless feet and passion for experiencing the world. more »