Inspiration at a Cottage

We have spent the last three days at a lake-side cottage in South-Eastern Finland. The beautiful scenery with fall colors and stunning sunsets over the lake has given us inspiration. There are no other people around, so it has been very peaceful and we have been very productive. We have enjoyed the darkness with plenty of candles and crackling fire in the fireplace, and won the fight with cold weather by drinking liters of hot tea and wearing warm woolen socks. Next year, if it is possible, we’d like to spend the whole September here.

So what have we done during these days? Well, we have launched the first version of our company website. Though only in Finnish so far, but looks good, right? We have also been working on this Anywhereism site, modifying the design a bit to make it more clear and pleasing. And we added a Twitter-sidebar, to make the site more lively.

Antti and Mirje

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