Week 2: Merida

Welcome to our weekly recap!

Week 2, 2014
January 9th-15th: Cancun and Merida, Mexico

Most memorable moment: A warm evening at the center of Merida, sitting at a terrace of a local restaurant, a cold beer in hand and just watching the people passing by. 

Surprise of the week: Getting out of supermarket, there was a man asking "taxi?". We said yes, and he took us to his bicycle with a cart attached. So that's how us and our groceries got home, enjoying the funny ride for the whole 10 blocks.

What did we learn: Our next stop, Chicxulub, is the site where the meteorite that is thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs hit.

Food love: Mexican breakfast at the place we are staying at. Changes every day, starts with fresh fruits and is so good!

Random thought: When there are many old cars around (like here), it somehow feels like living in the past. Which is kind of incorrect, since in the past these particular cars weren't old... - We did warn you that it is a random thought!

Tip for others: When coming here, remember the mosquito repellent!

Home street in Meridassa

Merida is (mostly) sunny and so colorful! This is our home street.

Meridan home

Also the inside of our house is colorful. We like it! We have a kitchen and bedroom, pictured here, as well as a living room and a dining room. So much space. And it belongs to the hostel next door, where we can go for a free, superdelicious Mexican breakfast each morning. And I know this is teh second time this breakfast is mentioned in this post, but it is just so good.

Our back yard

Our house even has a small back yard, with a small table perfect for hanging out in the evenings. The tree is a citrus tree, with plenty of fruits. The ripe ones keep falling down, but we haven't tried any yet.

Catedral de Merida

Merida has plenty of pleasant parks. They even have free wi-fi, although we haven't yet figured out how to use them. The cathedral on the background is one of the oldest in the whole Americas, and it is said to be built from the stones of the Mayan pyramids that used to be here.

Dead on the move

We've been mainly cooking ourselves so far, since we have a kitchen at the moment. We have ventured out to eat couple of times. This restaurant had funky decorations but expensive food. The small local haunts win.

Merida park

One more picture from the cozy parks of Merida, taken on our self-organised photography walk. This might look empty, but on the other direction there were sport fields filled with people.

That's it. How was your week?


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