Week 1: New Orleans and Cancun

We have decided to start weekly recaps of our nomadic life, so there would always be at least some up-to-date information. Every week, we'll share some memorable moments and tell you about our life through Instagram pictures (participating in Instagram Travel Thursday). 

January 1st-8th, 2014: New Orleans, Louisiana and Cancun, Mexico

Most memorable moments: Listening to live jazz in a smoky bar in New Orleans, walking through a capturing swamp at Jean Lafitte, saying goodbye to the dogs we were sitting.

Surprise of the week: Our transit from New Orleans to Cancun went super smoothly. No one asked for our plans or tickets out of the country (some people have had problems without these), flights were almost on time, we didn't have to turn our electric devices off during takeoff and landing, transfer to hotel was efficient. And our small scissors were not confiscated by the airport security.

What did we learn: It's nice to visit tourist attractions and busy places once in a while, but we do enjoy quiet home life for balance. In New Orleans we ended up seeing less than planned, because we were having such a good time hanging home with the pets.

Food love: Po-boys, quesadillas, green chili sauce

Random thought: We need to learn more Spanish!!!

Tip for others: After a long day of travel and arriving to a new city, having pre-arranged transportation from the airport to the hotel is worth paying a few bucks more. 

Jazz in New Orleans!

What is a trip to New Orleans without jazz?? Snug atmosphere, entertaining band and cold beer at The Spotted Cat on Frenchman Street, which it was told to us is the calmer,  locals' version of the rowdy Bourbon Street. We liked it!

French Quarter

French Quarters treated us with some great views on a sunny, but bitterly cold, day. Street musicians, great art galleries, beautifully renovated houses.

Antti and a friend

Antti met a friend behind the Farmer's Market in French Quarter. Very near Café du Monde, where you could get a world famous milk coffee, if you were brave enough to face the loooong queue. We weren't.

There was some sunshine

We got some pretty nice sunshine on some of the days in New Orleans, altough it was still quite cold. Perfect weather for long walks with the dogs! We explored the park behind our house and found many nice paths among the woods.


After the house owners returned, they thought we haven't seen enough of the area and offered to take us somewhere. We chose to visit the Nature Reserve at Jean Lafitte and saw some spectacular marsh and swampland. No alligators though, they like to hide and sleep when it's cold.

Spanish moss

Trees were covered in Spanish moss, creating an eerie feeling.


On Tuesday we spent the whole day travelling before arriving to Cancun, Mexico. Rain in here also, but warm. And some excellent, spicy Mexican food <3 We are going to like it here!


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