Week 5: Chicxulub and Merida

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for January 30th - February5th, which is Week 5, 2014. We are still in Mexico and loving it! First days of the week we were chilling in Chicxulub, before heading back to Merida for some Spanish classes.

What did we learn: Lots of Spanish, having taken a 4-day intensive course. Small group, lots of talking, just perfect.

Surprise of the week: A tiny scorpion in our bathroom! Apparently there are quite a few of them in Mexico. Need to be a bit more careful.

Food love: Did we already mention cochinita pibil and poc chuc? We are not usually big fans of pork, but here it's just so good.

Random thought: We could get used to having a pool right outside of our door, an excellent way to wake up in the morning.

Tip for others: There are a lot of empty houses and apartments in Progreso and nearby this time of the year. They are often available for rent, because for locals they are Summer houses.


We visited the ancient Mayan ruins of Dzibilchaltun. A bit smaller ruins, with hardly any other tourists around, conveniently situated between Merida and Progreso.


In Czibilchaltun we also took a swim in a senote, with the kind of fish you find in some spas that eat the dead skin off your feet. Bit intimidating when swimming, but definitely an experience to remember.

Merida streets

Merida is so beautiful and colorful. We've been here a month and wouldn't mind spending some more time in this peaceful yet friendly and happening city. And not to mention very affordable, 3 euros for 3-course lunch anyone?

Spanish school

Cuatro dias, cuatro horas al dia, estudiamos español. Que bueno! And we learnt not to worry so much about our grammatical mistakes and just use the language.

Sometimes it rains in my office

Sometimes it rains in our office... 

That's it. How was your week?


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