Weeks 10-11 2015: Sayulita

Our last two weeks in the chilled out Sayulita. Mainly spent working and eating, with an occasional visit to the beach or a night of live music. And we did see some whales! 

Welcome to our weekly recap! This one's for March 6th - 19th, which for us are the weeks 10-11, 2015.

Food love:
There are so many great places to eat in Sayulita! Few of our favorites were: Mary's for the best quesadillas and chile's rellenos (huge!), Los Corazones for melts-in-mouth filet mignon and good wine, Pancho's Tacos for a relaxed dinner of what else than tacos (el pastor!) and 2-for-1 margaritas, Mamma Mia for tasty pasta, and Yah-Yah Cafe for breakfast and bagels (+wifi).

Mamma Mia, Sayulita, Mexico

Tip of the week:
 If you're looking for a fun tourist activity in Sayulita, try Chica Loccas tour to Islas Marietas. Big catamaran with plenty of comfy pillows to lounge on takes you to whale watching and snorkeling at Marietas. There's also SUP-boards, kayaks and even water slides for enjoying the Pacific. It's a bit of a party boat but not overly so, and the crew is helpful and happy. It was way over our daily budget with 1.100 pesos per person, but it did include food and open bar on top of all the activities.

Islas Marietas, Mexico

Memorable moment:
 We finally saw some big whales! We've gone to two whale watching trips before this one, but had no luck. At Tenerife we did see whales, but they were about the size of dolphins. In New Jersey the whales didn't really surface and we just saw small parts of them. But now we saw some huge humpback whales rising up from the ocean. What a magnificent sight!

whale, Sayulita, Mexico

Random thought:
Sayulita is another dog town. They are everywhere, all sizes, all colors, all breeds. And most of them do have a collar, so they probably belong to someone. The dogs are often given a free range here, but that wasn't a problem since they are a well-behaved lot. Didn't run into any trouble with them.

dog, Sayulita, Mexico

What I've learned:
 Spiders are good, because the eat mosquitoes and other bugs. Little bit like gekkos as such. I was still not happy to find a big, hairy one in our bedroom wall. After some raised voices I called our Mexican neighbor to help. That's when she told us that this one was not dangerous and actually good to have (for the bugs, you see). Still, I was happy when she coached it out of our room. Thanks Isabelle!

store front, Sayulita, Mexico

Surprise of the week:
We stayed up "late" twice, both time because of live music. First it was Steve Goldberg and friends playing some great jazz at Zen Garden. It's amazing how much emotion they can fit in a few simple tunes... The second night was at Bar Don Pato's where a local band played some catchy rock covers and lured me to the dance floor for several hours.

Bar Don Pato's, Sayulita, Mexico

We've been busy finishing up things before heading for a no-internet vacation to Cuba. 

beach, Sayulita, Mexico

And that's it for our week. Next up: Mexico City and Cuba!

This week's photos can also be found in our photo albums in Flickr.

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